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The Vision | Imperial Places

The Vision

Places where every moment is a true gift. Places to dream, to relax, to laugh, to enjoy and to experience pure happiness: unique luxury hotels at wonderful destinations – these are our Imperial Places. 

With their unique design, their exemplary service and their applied understanding of a "warm welcome", these hotels are distinguished as inimitable places of retreat and well-being. The hosts at these destinations know how to honour the wonderful facets of life. So stays in these kinds of settings fill our hearts and we appreciate the fabulous times we are allowed to spend in these hotels.

As the publisher of Germany's leading STILPUNKTE® Lifestyle Guide, as tirelessly creative media professionals in the exciting LOEWENDORF Media Group portfolio and above all as cosmopolitans in love with travel, we encounter world-class imperial places in dreamy boutique hotels or spacious resorts. 

We would like to use Imperial Places® from now on to inspire the discerning hotel guest for attractive destinations with the same love and dedication with which we are constantly surprised and enchanted by new surroundings and impressions on both private and business trips. Our focus is on an upscale lifestyle with conscious, sustainable consumer behaviour.

But Imperial Places® is more than just a highly selective hotel guide specialising in luxury travel – we see Imperial Places® as a place of longing for globetrotters, pleasure-seekers, adventurers and explorers: The hotel recommendations, personally selected according to Imperial Places® criteria, reflect our passion for wanderlust and impress with their diverse, albeit consistently high standards.

Imperial Places® presents special luxury hotels as well as fascinating places that enrich life with both wonderful and valuable experiences in the most beautiful locations on earth. The Imperial Places® multi-channel brand arouses a curiosity for regional treasures, provides orientation and inspiration and embarks on a cross-media journey with its consumers to discover the breathtaking diversity of global hotels with the Imperial Places® magazine, its online portal, social media channels and classic book editions.

Indispensable and stimulating: with four editions a year and a stylish look, Imperial Places® magazine provides inspiration to fill time with unique experiences. Imperial Places®: the heart and soul are at home here. Personally defined luxury for a mindful lifestyle that appreciates special moments. International hospitality meets local trends and traditions, the finest specialities and creations, and upscale award-winning dining at Imperial Places®. Luxury hotels and resorts that inspire with their design and excellent sense of aesthetics.

Travel, marvel and experience. Dare to take adventures, be fascinated and let yourself go. The best aspects of life. Follow us into a world of Imperial Places.

Kind regards,

Yvonne Löwendorf, Founder | Publisher
Christian Löwendorf, Founder | Publisher